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Erik Seifert: Software Revenue Accelerator

From the outset of his career, Erik Seifert has had a deep passion for software solutions that are easy to use, flexible to customize, and affordable for small companies. And for marketing such digital assets – globally and through channel partners.

During more than 20 years in the industry, Erik has repeatedly discovered unique software products for small and mid-sized businesses. And then worked tirelessly to introduce them on a global scale. His career includes positions with such industry luminaries as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Navision Software (acquired by Microsoft).

Accounting + ERP software

Starting out at Hewlett-Packard, and then setting sales records at IBM, Erik famously in 1990 took the plunge by establishing his own business in the US. The bet was that small and mid-sized American businesses could benefit from a then largely unknown ERP-system called Navision.

After succeeding in establishing US distribution, Navision HQ came calling. In various positions, and ultimately as Chairman & CEO, Erik engineered Navision's VAR-only international distribution channel. The results were immediate with export revenues and profits doubling every year.

During his time at Navision HQ, Erik also wrote the product directions and created the identity and marketing strategy for what became Navision Financials, the product that Navision rode to global prominence. By-products of this process were many trademarks, including such as C/SIDE® and SIFT (both currently owned by Microsoft).

In 2002 Microsoft Corporation validated Erik's bet on Navision by acquiring the company for close to 12 billion Danish Kroner (or more than 2 billion dollars at the current rate of exchange). Ironically, Microsoft did so after turning down initial overtures more than 10 years earlier.

After leaving Navision, Erik helped his former employer IBM Corporation launch the Axapta ERP-product in the US. In another interesting twist, IBM later divested itself of Axapta's developer which subsequently was acquired by Navision prior to the latter's acquisition by Microsoft.

Web software

Leaving the world of ERP and client/server computing for web software, Erik was instrumental in creating and leading multimedia software CrossArtist. And he became an investor and executive in Tangora Software as the .NET-based web CMS vendor emerged from bankruptcy.

At Tangora the first order of the day was to secure the client base, stabilize the channel, and re-motivate the employees. Next, Erik re-architected the entire product line, led the relaunch, and secured the successful financial turnaround of the business. Shareholder value went up 25-fold.

Back in the US, Erik had then seen a demand for standard software-as-a-service that would provide small and mid-sized businesses with the combination of a highly-customizable, data-driven web CMS and custom design.

Accordingly, he found such an existing web CMS which he then re-packaged, re-branded, re-priced and launched as caSaaS web CMS.

Today, Erik remains as passionate as ever when it comes to the mission of Atlantic Crossing: to help digital vendors create the combination that makes their revenues do their products justice.