Atlantic Crossing Digital Consulting

Danish American Chamber ID

Client:  Danish American Chamber of Commerce GA, Inc.

Atlantic Crossing created the original identity program as a pro-bono project for the then newly-established Danish American Chamber of Commerce Georgia, Inc.

The original identity consisted of name, logo, stationery, and website design. The full name was shortened to "Danish American Chamber" for ease and use as well as for essence. The trademarked logo was used with the shortened name on letterhead and envelopes, as well as on the website that was found at www.danishamericanchamber.org.

Most of the original identity has since been abandoned. Several names are used today: DACC GEORGIA, Danish American Chamber of Commerce, as well as the full, legal name. The current website is at www.daccusa.org.

The logo itself is still in use, although it seems to be used mostly in landscape format. 

Tags:  communications, field marketing
Application:  Chamber of Commerce
Current owner:  Atlantic Crossing, Inc.