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Tangora Software turnaround

Client:  Tangora Software A/S

Shortly after being reconstructed, Tangora Software brought Atlantic Crossing on board to stabilize its partner channel as well as its customer base. Blessed by great remaining employees and a solid product, Tangora overcame that not-so-trivial challenge.

Then, in a sweeping concurrent restructuring of the entire product line, the channel setup, and the internal organization, Tangora went from a negative cashflow to a solidly positive one in just one year - a swing of some 27% of total revenues.

In all, shareholder value was multiplied by 25 over six years.

Tags:  admin, ceo, channel marketing, communications, field marketing, finance, legal, new market entry, pricing, product management, product marketing, sales
Application:  Web Content Management Systems
Current owner:  Tangora Software A/S