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Navision global rollout

"Heading up country operations for Navision was a tough, but also a very rewarding job. In the beginning, we faced many obstacles. We had a great product, but it was difficult to break through to the market with our message.

When Erik Seifert was brought to Navision HQ from the American operation, the marketing was in a state of flux, going off in different directions in the various countries. Working with these local sales offices, Erik's team managed to create a marketing program and a sales rollout plan that ensured coherent and cohesive communication across all countries and markets.

Hand in hand with a fabulous product and hard work, the marketing was the difference that enabled us to take Navision from a virtual unknown entity to being acquired by Microsoft for 12 billion Danish kroner (about 2 billion US-dollars at the current rate)." 

Alejandro Pradas
CEO, Navision España

Project description