Atlantic Crossing Digital Consulting

Trademark: FlowField

Client: Navision Software A/S

The trademark for the virtual fields in Navision, based on the unique technology in C/SIDE that ensured referential integrity and modifiability in Navision and its add-on applications.

Rather than updating "buckets" for balances on accounts, customers, inventory items, etc., Navision used FlowFields to keep track of balances. Such a FlowField simply pointed to the appropriate transaction table and extracted the amounts applicable to the field in question - for example all the financial transactions for account no. 2085, between April 1, 2010 and November 17, 2011, for the department "Online Sales."

Not only did this technology make it simple to isolate and do drill-down inquiries, it also enabled dealer personnel to modify the solution to fit specific industries and/or customers, without having to write code that changed the posting routines.

TM year: 1995
Solution: Navision Financials launch
Current owner: Microsoft Corporation