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A tale of two companies

In his book, ....

The book is a tale of how one company grew to become very sucessful in its home market, dwarfing its direct competitors.

One of those competitors started out the same year, and 9 years later was only 1/3 the size of Damgaard.

But they differed in their internationalizing methods, and their respective results were much different.

In 1983, Damgaard's revenues were 3-4 times those of Navision. Yet, only 5 years later, Navision passed them and never looked back.

And after another 2 years, Navision acquired Damgaard – who never managed to generate significant export revenues.

Most folks wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two companies or their products ... unless you were part of it ... and even then

But, in fact, the employees' personalities were diferent, their hiring strategies diffeerd, the compensation plans were different, the respective cultures differed, their go-to-market strategy were different, boit in their home market and internationally, and th resuts were wildly different, ending up with Navision saving Damgaard in a takeover communicated as a merger of equals.


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