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Erik Seifert to be guest blogger at TBK Consult

Web-based software & apps? Even a moderate success in the global market is extremely profitable.

So how do you navigate the quite challenging path to success? Small-scale steps or explosive growth? Product marketing evangelist Erik Seifert shares tips and experience as a guest blogger at TBK Consult.

June 27, 2016

The prize is in sight. Almost within reach. But getting there requires navigating a path that is elusive. Sometimes invisible. Achieving global market success for web-based software and apps actually requires quite a bit of hard work. An experienced approach to product marketing and communication. Storytelling. Scalable marketing.

“If you want to lay your hands on profits … and not just send yet another app on the market with a kiss and a prayer, don’t skip the product marketing steps. Call it branding, positioning, or product marketing, it really is critical to creating a scalable operation. So why treat it as an afterthought – or omit it in your preparations?” asks Erik Seifert, founder of Atlantic Crossing.

“Do you have a great product, a killer app? Would you like to launch it internationally? Sneak a peek at my blog and the blog at TBK Consult. We do our best to shine a bit of light on these challenges – giving you inspiration for in the process.”

“Erik Seifert has successfully traveled the journey, taking a software product to global commercial success,” says Hans Peter Bech, managing partner with TBK Consult. “Erik knows better than most what it takes to make a global success on a shoestring budget, and we are delighted to have him as a regular guest blogger sharing his experience and advice with our readers.”

Erik’s posts on product marketing and communication for the ambitious information technology company will appear every other Tuesday, starting June 28, 2016: http://tbkconsult.com/blog

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Atlantic Crossing helps technology companies go from products to profits, and from local to global.

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TBK Consult is an international network of management consultants that help IT companies grow locally and globally.

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