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Now you can put your clients' DNS pains behind you – at least in GoDaddy

Oftentimes, changing any kind of setting in a client's DNS (Domain Name System) is a royal pain. You are the one who knows how to do it – but the client, as she rightly should, has the keys (login/password) to the account with the given DNS provider. And that's the good scenario ...

You try to write, call, or chat to guide the client through the change. But it's painful to the client, and you're the one that, although acting in the client's interest, are forcing him through this hellish experience – so if you can get the client to react to your requests at all, it's your fault that the change even has to be made.

At least one registrar, GoDaddy, has now launched GoDaddy Pro – a solution for web professionals who may be granted controlled access by their clients to their respective GoDaddy accounts. Available in a beta version at the moment, it enables your client to tell you to go ahead and make the desired changes. While the client still retains control over her own domain(s) and password privacy.

Some web professionals who have registered a number of domains with GoDaddy have been invited already. If you haven't received one, you may ask for a beta account invitation at https://www.godaddy.com/pro.

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