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from vision. to reality.

from vision. to reality.

Lots of companies develop unique products and solutions - and quite a few of them manage to create a well-functioning, attractive product that fills a real need with the user.

Almost all of these successful trailblazers manage to sell their solution to the first couple of clients. And then it becomes a question of communicating the product benefits in an understandable and attractive way.

Atlantic Crossing has provided the "product revenue accelerator" in several such situations. The list below describes a few well-known, and some not-so-well-known examples.


Solution name Client Current owner
BizzPath ERP positioning, packaging, and pricingSoftBase A/S SoftBase A/S
Raab identity and websiteRaab Sales, Inc. Raab Sales, Inc.
Job-Hunt identity and websiteJob-Hunt Job-Hunt
AirSonics logo, identity, and websiteAirSonics, LLC AirSonics, LLC
caSaaS web CMS launchAtlantic Crossing, Inc. caSaaS Ltd.
caSaaS packaging and pricingcaSaaS Ltd. caSaaS Ltd.
Tangora Software turnaroundTangora Software A/S Tangora Software A/S
Navision Financials launchNavision Software A/S Microsoft Corporation
Navision global rolloutNavision Software A/S Microsoft Corporation
Navision US market entryAtlantic Crossing, Inc. Microsoft Corporation
Axapta US market entryIBM Europe Microsoft Corporation
Axapta US marketingIBM Corporation Microsoft Corporation
Axapta product marketingDamgaard International A/S Microsoft Corporation
CrossArtist launchCrossArtist Software ApS CrossArtist Software ApS
Tangora Portal CMS launchTangora Software A/S Tangora Software A/S
Contigo CMS launchTangora Software A/S Tangora Software A/S
Danish American Chamber IDDanish American Chamber of Commerce GA, Inc. Atlantic Crossing, Inc.
Winfinance repackagingWinfinance ApS Winfinance ApS